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1C:Management of company

The software product "1C:Management of company 8 for Turkmenistan" is intended for automation of operational management in service, production and trading companies.

The program "1C:Management of company 8 for Turkmenistan" implemented all the most necessary for the maintenance of operational accounting, control, analysis and planning in the enterprise. The solution is not overloaded with excessive functionality, it can easily be customized to the features of the organization of management and accounting in the company - this provides the possibility of a "quick start" and the convenience of daily work.

1C:Management of company 8 for Turkmenistan helps to increase the efficiency of the company, providing owners and managers with a wide range of management tools, and employees - new opportunities for productive daily work.

"1C:Management of company 8 for Turkmenistan" is focused on the work of one to two to ten users and is a solution for automation of accounting and management operations:

  • performance of works, rendering of services;
  • production of products;
  • marketing and sales;
  • procurement and procurement;
  • stocks and warehouse;
  • cash;
  • fixed assets;
  • finance;
  • frames and calculations with the staff.

In "1C:Management of company 8 for Turkmenistan" provides:

  • registration of almost all primary documents of trade, warehousing and production records, as well as documents of cash flow.
  • a wide range of reports provides owners, managers and employees the opportunity to quickly obtain information - in a form convenient for work and decision making, with the required speed and detail.
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