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1C: Trade Management

This version of the product of automation of trade allows in a complex to automate the tasks of operational and management accounting, analysis and planning of trade operations, thereby ensuring the effective management of a modern trading enterprise.


Working with partners is flexible. You can correctly and conveniently display the work with the networks of stores belonging to one legal entity or to different ones, but being a common network with common mutual settlements. In the card of the directory "Partners" you can specify the category - the buyer (customer), partner (supplier), competitor or "other" (charity, material assistance and other types of non-commercial shipments). If desired, the end customer is also configured, to which the various contractors may belong.


All accounting operations are displayed in documents: sales order, invoice, sales of goods and services (a bill of lading), financial documents (check and non-cash payment), write-offs, transfers, inventory documents, re-sorting, payment to the supplier, ", Etc. Any movements of commodity and cash assets, as well as customer needs or orders to suppliers are displayed with the help of this or that document.


There is also a convenient list of financial documents. Here, the receipts and expenditures of funds are adjusted both through the cashier and by the cashless method, including bank statements showing up in mutual settlements. There is a convenient payment calendar for working with suppliers, on the basis of which payment documents and payment reminders are formed, etc.

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