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1C: Retail

The software product "1C:Retail for Turkmenistan" is intended for automation of business processes of retail outlets (shops), both independent and part of a distributed retail network. The program allows you to automate the accounting of inventory in storehouses and cash records at the box office stores, and can also be used as a cash program.

The program "1C:Retail for Turkmenistan" automates the following operations: registration of transactions with goods in the context of product groups, stores, warehouses, own organizations and allows you to obtain analytical information about the movement of goods with the required level of detail to the user.

The account of commodity circulation

"1C:Retail for Turkmenistan" supports the accounting of the following transactions with goods:

  • order to the supplier;
  • transfer order;
  • receipt from the supplier;
  • retail sales and small wholesale;
  • moving goods between stores;
  • moving between warehouses of one store;
  • inventory;
  • posting;
  • write-off;
  • transfer between organizations.

Documents of receipt and sale can be made out using the order scheme in accordance with the settings of the store. Moves between stores are always made according to the order scheme, in order to ensure the correct commodity balances for each of the stores. Moves between warehouses of one store are made by means of the separate document "Order for moving".

Implemented automatic distribution of goods received in the store, based on preconfigured settings.

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