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1С: Document management

Document management is the movement of documents in an organization from the time they are created or received to the completion of execution or dispatch.

1C: Document management

There comes a time when you decide to automate the work with documents in your company. This happens for various reasons: for example, to shorten the terms of coordination and decision-making, not to lose documents and always have them at hand, to check the performance discipline. This requires a good tool and a proven methodology for its use.

Short description

  • A modern system with a wide range of capabilities for managing business processes and collaborative work of employees provides automation of the full cycle of work with documents, also allows to streamline interaction between employees and monitor the use of working time. The system is characterized by great flexibility, a high degree of detail of information about stored data and a wide range of possibilities. It allows to increase the efficiency of work time management, to standardize processes, to ensure full control and safety of documentation and any other necessary information.
  • Proven methods and practices that will help to organize electronic document management, establish processes, ensure control over the fulfillment of tasks, regulate management activities and improve its efficiency are constantly evolving in accordance with the requirements of modern requirements and standards

Key features!

1. Work with contractual documents

Preparation of the contract
Reconciliation and registration of the Treaty
Control of return and transfer of instances
Accounting of accompanying documents
Accounting for the validity period
Execution of obligations

2. Management of documents

Accounting of incoming and outgoing correspondence
Performance monitoring
Working with documents at all stages of the life cycle (from drafts to approval or destruction)
Archival storage and retrieval
Create chains of subordinate documents specifying the relationship between them

3. Efficient process management

Ready-made templates for negotiating approval, approval, etc.
Simple Design
Process hierarchy
Time control
Monitoring and Analytics

4. Access from various devices

Mobile Client
Tablet work solutions
Remote work without attachment to the workplace

5. Security

Centralized storage of documents in electronic form
Keeping all versions and stories of editing documents
Protection against unauthorized access to documents
Protection from one-time editing of documents by several users

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