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1С: Accounting

1C:Accounting 8 for Turkmenistan - a universal tool for mass accounting for automated accounting, including the delivery of regulated reporting.

An integrated approach to accounting and reporting in organizations using different types of activities: provision of services, wholesale and retail trade, etc.

Just start keeping records

To start accounting in 1C:Accounting 8 for Turkmenistan, you just enter information about the organization and specify the accounting policy parameters. The program will automatically be configured to work with the set parameters.

Just fill out the document

When completing documents in 1C:Accounting 8 for Turkmenistan a significant part of the data is substituted by the program automatically. So to write out an invoice you need to specify a counterparty and choose goods or services - and the document is ready!

The entered information is simply transferred from one document to another. For example, based on the invoice, an incoming payment order can be issued.

Just analyze the state of the account

For the operational analysis of the accounting status in 1C:Accounting 8 for Turkmenistan, various reports are provided: a turnover balance sheet, a chess sheet, a posting report, and others. Each report is configured to obtain only the necessary information.

Just write up tax and accounting statements

1C:Accounting 8 for Turkmenistan significantly simplifies the preparation of accounting and tax reporting. For example, for the formation of the balance sheet it is sufficient to indicate the organization and the reporting period. All the indicators will be filled by the program itself! The rules for generating reports can be adjusted manually, the program will remember all the changes you made.

1C:Accounting 8 for Turkmenistan automates the most time-consuming and complex accounting calculations. Most of them are executed by the special closing procedure "Closing of the month".

The program itself will make all necessary calculations and generate the postings.

Also Automatically calculates depreciation, fees, taxes, deductions.

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