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Real automatization

Real automatization helps companies automate operations, reduce their duration and manual labor in the company's core processes

What results will you get with real automatization?

  • Automation of processes
  • Improving efficiency
  • Increase in return on investment
  • Reduce risks
  • Have accurate information

кабан.jpg  You will be surprised by the quick result!

The calculation of economic efficiency indicates that the payback period of the project is 6 months.

кабан.jpg  To whom to entrust the automation of the enterprise?

ES "Ak Sahypa"! in our company there are qualified specialists certified by 1C for all modern versions of the 1C: Enterprise system. Qualification of employees is supported and developed through regularly conducted certifications, participation in seminars, according to the staff development program accepted by the company. We know how to improve the efficiency of the company's business processes. The accumulated experience allows us to provide a full range of services for automation of management and accounting at enterprises

кабан.jpg  Automatization of the main business processes of the company helps:

  • reduce the number of routine operations,
  • improve transparency and business efficiency.

You get a convenient tool for organizing work, optimizing business processes, improving the management system of the organization and general improvement in the quality of the company's operations, through:

  • Reducing costs
  • Improving the quality of customer service
  • As a result, customer satisfaction is increasing
  • Increases the speed of response to requests
  • There is an opportunity to monitor all the ongoing business processes
  • Provides better controllability
  • The speed of information dissemination by the company is increasing
  • A faster and better decision making
  • Ensuring compliance with existing rules and laws
  • And much more.

кабан.jpg  The result of real automatization is:

Management of the enterprise - opportunities for analysis, planning and flexible management of company resources to improve its competitiveness.

Heads of departments and managers - tools to improve the efficiency of daily work in their areas.

Employees of enterprise accounting services - means for automated accounting in a convenient modern interface.


Become a leader in your industry along with real automation from ES "Ak Sahypa"!

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