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Automatization of production and trade in ES "Yupekchi"

ES "Yupekchi"

The trade and production company ES "Yupekchi" was established in 2011, the staff about 100 people,

ES "Yupekchi" is the large manufacturer of juices and drinks in Turkmenistan.

Pressers - 10 people who organize the distribution of Yupekchi products throughout the country.

The production is more than 800 thousand liters of drink per month.


Objectives of real automatization

  • Creation of a modern information system for the maintenance of operational and accounting records that do not require large financial and labor costs;
  • Increase the speed of data processing and correct reporting in the shortest possible time;
  • Organization of accounting on the basis of one information system. Interconnection of all organizational units through a single system;
  • Use multi-user access mode for efficient accounting.
  • Ensuring information security;
  • Organization of automatic data backup.

Description of the project for the implementation of the software product 1C

Prior to the start of the project, accounting was maintained manually in Microsoft Office Excel. With this kind of accounting, it was impossible to implement operational reporting. For example: The formation of standard reports for managers, in some cases, had to take several hours.

The correction was not realized or no inaccuracies were admitted. The whole responsibility was assigned to accountants, i.e. The risk of errors was great in connection with the human factor. The security of accounting data was not ensured, any external negative factors could affect the loss of data.

Due to the fact that the organization is engaged in production and does not keep a periodic inventory of inventory, there were great difficulties in the formation of the cost of finished products and the correct determination of the cost of sales.

The complexity and complexity of accounting and operational accounting led to the need to implement the software product 1C.

The following tasks were accomplished:

Operative accounting. Creation and storage and processing of a large number of documents in a single-information database;

Formation of visual, informative and accessible reporting for any period of time at the first request;

Automated work of sales representatives was carried out with the help of 1C Optimum mobile software installed on tablet computers, which allowed collecting orders directly on the spot and transferring information instantly to the main office of the company for further processing;

The unloading of data from 1C Trade into 1C Accounting (1.12 thousand documents per month);

Optimized cash management processes of the organization;

Input of initial balances for the previous periods is carried out;

Formation of documents on manufacture in a cut of parties that allows to conduct the correct account of the cost price of finished goods is carried out.

Features of the project

user_fullA large number of counterparties: about 500, the main part of which are suppliers and buyers;

folder_fullA large number of fixed assets: an order of 900 objects;

filter_full A large number of business operations - about 50,000 transactions per month, which in turn are not of the same type and provide for the types of virtually all business operations related to the production, trade and accounting of raw materials and finished products;

todolist_full A large amount of data is regulated reporting. Including all kinds of statistical and tax reports, certificates and other accounting documents. Automatic closing of accounts at the end of the month;

materials_full Complex structure of analytical sections of the financial accounting of incomes and expenses of the organization (on structural divisions, kinds of incomes and expenses, etc.);

clock 2_full It is necessary to create "historical" data in the system for the preparation of financial statistics;

door_lock_full It is necessary to ensure the control and security of the performance of monetary transactions.

Stages of work:


Results from the introduction of 1C

The system is fully operational;

Improved quality of reporting;

The deadlines for preparing answers to the requests of the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Inspectorate have decreased;

It is facilitated keeping records on the movement of commodity-material values;

Convenience and timeliness of receipt of reports on production;

Financial discipline has been increased, payment terms for suppliers have been clearly monitored, without interruptions in the supply of products, which directly affects turnover and profit;

In connection with the acceptance of orders on the spot, the speed of turnover increased (from the moment of receiving the order until the delivery time, the time was reduced to a minimum);

In connection with the use of the program, the effectiveness and efficiency of the work of the staff has increased, which directly affects the growth of the company's profit as a whole.


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