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The implementation of "1C: CRM PROF 8 for Kazakhstan" in OJSC "Hazar-insurance"


Before the start of the project, the work of the enterprise was carried out as follows:

- the insurance agent had to manually fill in the necessary documents for registration of the insurance contract. It was also necessary to calculate the payment schedules and calculate the insurance premiums based on insurance risks. Keep records on forms of strict accountability, as well as on customers who have entered into contracts. I had to exchange information with the head office to get information about the payment of the current contract.

- The chief accountant had to constantly communicate with insurance agents in order to supervise the compiled insurance contracts for prompt reflection in accounting (incoming cash orders, invoices, as well as billing receipts in time). Make calculations based on the received data, formalize the co-insurance contracts, to transfer them to the insured, which took a long time. To analyze and prepare regulated reporting, which in turn took a long time.

The following tasks were accomplished:

Automation of the work of insurance agents, located not only in the central office of the company, but also in other regions of the country, using the means of the global Internet network, was carried out. Now the insurance agent is not tied to the workplace and can travel to the client's territory to sign a contract. This allowed to significantly reduce the time for processing and coordination. Formation of the package of documents is now done in "one-click", as well as operational reflection in the accounting of enterprises. Now it is possible to monitor in real time information on concluded contracts, if necessary, to travel to the place of the insured event and to issue the necessary acts. Promptly respond to cases of fraud, from the clients of the insurance company, as well as partner companies, which do not allow you to conclude an agreement with customers. Keep clients informed of timely payments for the reporting period, as well as inform customers about new types of insurance, to enter into new contracts.

Implemented operational management of accounting, administrative records, under insurance and co-insurance contracts. Storage and processing of a large number of documents in a single-information database, which allows you to generate reports for any period of time;

The introduction of the initial balances for the previous periods, including under the concluded contracts of insurance is carried out.


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