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About us


ES «Ak sahypa» – is the main partner of 1C in Turkmenistan and provides a full range of services for automation of management and accounting at enterprises.

Due to the unique business model, "Ak Sahypa" has established itself as an active player, aimed at the result and achieving the business goals of the Customer. Transparent pricing model, highly qualified team, allows the company to conquer new horizons and look firmly into the future.


"Ak Sahypa" is one of the leading companies operating in the market of information and communication technologies.

"Ak Sahypa" is a team of talented professionals with high qualifications and extensive experience in implementing various IT projects.

"Ak Sahypa" are dozens of completed IT projects of various levels and complexity levels.

"Ak Sahypa" is a reliable reputation and well-deserved trust of the customer



as the main component of our unique team.

as the main technological component of the company, which has many years of experience.

As the main strategy of work, taking into account the individual needs of customers and partners.


Successful experience of many years of work allows us to implement solutions of different scale to enterprises of any business level. In theis case, the main goal is always to maintain the required level of performance and reliability.


Over the years of successful work and dynamic growth, we have developed our fundamental principles, the basis of which is:

•    constantly improving system of work with clients,

We use the maximum range of modern information technologies and management approaches to meet the challenges of our partners. Our work increases the efficiency of business and creates a solid foundation for its further development.

We guarantee our partners a decent level of service and an individual approach based on a high degree of trust, equity and justice.

•    highly qualified staff

•    Orientation to the business requirements of our partners.

We are a close-knit team of professionals that develops the IT market and makes IT solutions available for our country. We guarantee full support to each Partner. Our team unites specialists with higher profile skills. All specialists are certified by 1C for all modern versions of the 1C: Enterprise system.


We are very attentive to our customers and partners.

We develop an individual approach to each partner, based on a high degree of trust, equality and honesty.


Our style is to justify and exceed the expectations of our partners, providing ultra-modern solutions. 


We are confident in the future. We see where we are going. We guarantee this confidence to all who go with us.


We are all different, but united in one cohesive team, motivated and aimed at success.

We work together to achieve common goals


Our partners are comfortable working with us, thanks to the efficiency of our work, efficient logistics and the availability of up-to-date information on time.


A reliable partner is the image to which we aspire. We keep our word and fulfill our obligations, considering this an indispensable condition for our business. 


We are professionals in our business and we guarantee our partners the highest level of competence, knowledge and skill.



  • consultations at the stage of selection of the software product and its demonstration;
  • software delivery;
  • software implementation;
  • maintenance and updating of software;
  • information and technological support;
  • user training


  • Creation of a service for its customers in the "best" format.
  • Respect, decency and transparency in any relationship.
  • Caring for the client and willingness to help.
  • "We offer only what we would have acquired ourselves."
  • Responsibility and precise fulfillment of the assigned tasks.
  • We are distinguished: discipline, politeness, honesty.
  • Training and development of employees is the basis of the company's development.
  • Innovative process - a constant search for new ideas.
  • We are striving to become an orchestra, where the precise performance of their work by each employee makes it possible to receive applause.
  • "Ak Sahypa" is a team of like-minded people.
744000, Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, 100, 2022 (Alisher Novai) str.
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