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1C:Integrated automation

"1C:Integrated Automation" is a program for building a unified information system at an enterprise that covers the main tasks of management and accounting. This solution allows you to automate the most important areas of business: accounting, trade, warehouse, payroll, personnel records.

The use of the tools of the applied solution allows to ensure the well-coordinated work of both departments within the organization and with the external environment (customers, suppliers, competitors).

Purpose of the program "1C:Integrated Automation"
The program is focused on use in the field of small and medium-sized businesses: in trade enterprises, in small industries, in companies providing services. "1C: Integrated Automation" is best suited to those companies that currently use several separate products, as well as those whose management and accounting needs have exceeded the capabilities of existing information systems.

As business requirements and legislation change, this product can be reconfigured, expanded through more complete use of functionality, integration with other applications on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform and with other solutions.

Implementation scenarios "1C:Integrated Automation"
This software product allows an organization to choose the most convenient option for its implementation, in accordance with the tasks and plans in the current situation.

Replacement of several products with a modern integrated solution. "1C: Integrated Automation" is necessary to replace the used complex solutions of previous versions. A modern software product of a new generation will allow you to most effectively automate work processes and implement an optimal policy for its implementation.

Phased development of the enterprise information system. The program provides a step-by-step development of the enterprise information system - from the solution of priority tasks based on individual applications or their related complexes to the creation of a single enterprise information system based on "1C:Integrated Automation 2".

Automation of individual tasks. With the help of the programs "1C:Enterprise 8" included in the product, you can automate the most important work tasks or use other options convenient for the enterprise.

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