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1C:Accounting 8 for Turkmenistan


1C:Accounting 8 for Turkmenistan - a universal tool for mass use for automated accounting, including regulated reporting.

1C:Trade Management


1C:Trade management allows in a complex to automate the business process, thereby ensuring the effective management of a modern trading enterprise.

1C:Management of company 8 for Turkmenistan


1C:Management of company 8 for Turkmenistan - is intended for automation of operational control in service, production and trading companies of small business.


The Russian company "1C" on its official website has placed a rating list of its partners in Turkmenistan, which is based on the following indicators:

  • availability of certified specialists certified by the company “1C”;
  • number of implemented solutions;
  • developed industry-specific and specialized solutions.

Full information about the rating is available at the link:

“1C” company was founded in 1991 and specializes in the development, distribution, publication and support of computer programs for business and home use. From the company's own developments, the most famous program of the system "1C: Enterprise", designed for automation of management and accounting.

Its component "1C: Accounting" is the most famous accounting program in a number of countries.

“1C” works with users through an extensive partner network that includes more than 10,000 permanent partners in 600 cities in 25 countries.

Automatization with 1C is SIMPLY







The task of each manager is to introduce all these criteria into the business process of the enterprise. We will demonstrate to you that automating business with 1C will help you create an atmosphere SIMPLY

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